True Confession: I Already Cheated On My New Nikes!

Inspired by Nike's bold decision to try and sell soul searching and sneakers at the exact same time with that new brooding Tiger Woods commercial featuring the voice of Earl Woods, I ran out and bought my first ever Nike shoes yesterday. It felt great, at least for a few hours.

But then late at night, after a 12-step meeting, some Masters coverage and absolutely no performance-boosting drugs, my old 9 EE feet started feeling strong, familiar and ultimately undeniable urges. Sneaking out of the house, my tired dogs hit the pedals and drove across town to a local New Balance store for a little "strange" and what can only be called a rather expensive late night "footy" call.

And so, golf fans, I'd like to hereby apologize and make amends with my Nikes, my family and anyone else wasting their free time reading this. But as I believe Woody Allen once said, "The feet want what the feet want."