The True Cost Of Printing In Comic Sans Is As Horrifying As You'd Imagine

Little printing choices can have a big impact on our environment AND our wallets.

Most of us spend more time thinking about our left earlobe than how we're laying out a document on Microsoft Word. Professional printers, however, would like you to know that the process of committing those words to paper goes far beyond pressing a button. Paper weight, typeface, margin size and a lot of other deceptively tiny decisions have got to be made by somebody.

Many times, that somebody is an experienced designer. But since most of us also have to print things off now and again, the folks at Pixartprinting, an online printing service, created an infographic to explain the impact of even seemingly trivial choices, like using Comic Sans. Sure, we know that you know better than to use Comic Sans in settings outside of a lemonade stand. But did you know it also uses more ink than respectable typefaces? Or that British English speakers, despite their darling accents, waste a lot more trees with their spellings?

The result of Pixartprinting's efforts is a lesson in mindful use of our planet's resources -- as well as an argument against Comic Sans. Take a look below to see how the little printing choices we make can add up in a big way.

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