19 Must-Have Gifts For People Who Love True Crime

From murderous kittens to Keith Morrison decor, these unique gifts will make armchair detectives scream (with delight).

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"Attempted murder" T-shirt
For true crime fans and ornithologists alike. It might take people a minute to get the joke (hint: a group of crows is called a "murder"), but when they do, it's so gratifying! I have this incredibly soft shirt in teal — a birthday gift from my friend just in time for CrimeCon, where it was a huge hit.
"Attempted Murder" coffee mug
This elegant design by artist Jez Kemp offers another variation of the "murder of crows" theme. These birds are literally inviting a murder by leaving plenty of room on their branch for others to join them.
True crime candle
The message on this candle is a tribute to true crime experts but also a warning to people who would dare cross them: "Blood stains are red / Luminol turns blue / I watch enough true crime / They'll never find you." The handmade soy-wax candles come in a variety of scents and three sizes (the candle shown is 8 ounces) — all of which are guaranteed to "light up a room."
Keith Morrison “Tis the season to be jolly… or is it?” holiday ornament
This cheery (?) Keith Morrison ornament (available in both oval and round shapes) is a standout among the fan merch featuring the "Dateline" true crime legend.
"Knifecat" keychain
Look, I'm not sure why this kitty needs a knife when its claws should do the job, but I guess everyone needs a little help sometimes.
Knifecat enamel pins
I bought both versions of the black pin, one for myself and one for my friend, and she picked the bloody one. Go figure.
"Does this towel smell like chloroform to you?" hand towel
Prepare to hear peals of laughter from your bathroom when guests dry their hands with this hilariously embroidered towel. I use mine year-round, but the black version (it comes in four colors) is also a perfect addition to your Halloween decor.
"Always Check Behind the Curtain" shower curtain
This striking shower curtain reinforces an important message that should be second nature to people who regularly consume true crime content.
A Year of True Crime page-a-day 2024 calendar
You can't go wrong with a calendar that offers interesting tidbits, quotes and quizzes about fascinating and harrowing crimes on the daily.
"Kitten Thinks of Nothing but Murder All Day" Onion headline T-shirt
This is paws-down my favorite Onion headline of all time. They no longer sell the magnet version I have on my fridge, so I was delighted to find this shirt — a collaboration between The Onion and Raygun, which donates a portion of all sales to organizations it supports.
Keith Morrison life-size cutout
Fans of Keith Morrison will happily make room for this supersize version of the true crime star. The cutout is available for all four "Dateline" correspondents — one fan toted the cardboard version of Josh Mankiewicz all the way to CrimeCon in Orlando, Florida, this year.
CrimeCon 24 ticket
This is the biggest ticket item (literally) on this list, but it's cheaper than a three-day pass at Disneyland — and for many true crime enthusiasts, the opportunity to attend CrimeCon is priceless. The next "immersive, weekend-long event dedicated to all things true crime and mystery" will take place May 31 to June 2 in Nashville. Badge holders can enjoy a packed schedule of discussion panels, demonstrations, workshops, book signings, live podcast tapings and meet-and-greets with true crime luminaries. (Higher-tier badges offer more access and benefits: Gold VIP is $799; Platinum VIP is $1,699.) To give a badge as a gift, you can either buy a gift card in the corresponding amount or register online and transfer it to the recipient. If you buy a standard badge by Dec. 1, you can get a second one for 30% off. (P.S.: There's also a CrimeCruise!)
"Murdle" puzzle book
Who committed this ghastly deed? What sinister weapon did they use? Where did the terrible crime occur? By following the clues in these delightfully illustrated murder mystery logic puzzles (by the creator of the daily online game of the same name), you can cross out red herrings in each grid and solve the crime. This book includes 100 puzzles.
True crime bingo cards
Keith Morrison is so popular that he made a square in one of the bingo cards in this gorgeous set. With 50 sheets and 10 different designs, it's a perfect way to celebrate true crime tropes when watching documentaries or listening to podcasts with other enthusiasts.
"allegedly." T-shirt
The single word says it all: The person wearing this shirt is into true crime.
Crime scene tape shoelaces
I couldn't imagine my Adidas Superstars without these laces — but I probably should've worn different shoes for jury duty. Oops.
Evidence placard (number 13) pin
The quality of this enamel pin is so outstanding that it's hard to believe it isn't an actual placard for a miniature crime scene.
"Unsolved Case Files" murder mystery game
This game has all the tools investigators need to crack an unsolved cold case involving the (fictional) disappearance of Veronica Falcone. The game usually takes four to six hours, so it's a great way to pass the time when getting together with friends and relatives, especially during wintry weather. Think "Clue," but with a murder wall.
Evidence tote bag
This canvas bag is on the small side (14.75" x 13.5") but is a perfect size for a tablet, lunch and a couple of true crime books. You could also use it as a gift bag to hold the items you buy from this list (although the life-size Keith Morrison cutout would be a tight squeeze).

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