AOL's 'True Trans' Series Explores Realization And Coming To Terms With One's Gender Identity

What is the moment like when an individual realizes their gender identity doesn't align with the one they were assigned at birth?

The journey to living as one's authentic self as a transgender or gender-variant individual is never easy. This moment of realization and the path that stems from it is the focus of the most recent episodes of AOL's series "True Trans."

This docu series, hosted by Against Me! lead signer Laura Jane Grace, takes an intimate look at what it means to be transgender or gender-variant in America through personal stories.

"When I was 13, 14 years old and experiencing the things I experienced, I had no one to reach out to -- just no one at all," Grace shares in the above video. "All of those feelings and all of those emotions had to be internalized."

Check out the above video for the third episode in the "True Trans" series and the below one for the the fourth. Missed the first two episodes in the series? Head here to watch the first or here for the second.