Trulioo, Making Trust Online an Option


Online security is a worry for all of us, but entrepreneurs with the goal of building a strong customer base worries even more, because consumers, rightfully so, have a lot to worry about when it comes to fraud and more.

Companies have to find ways to not only provide their customers with a strong sense security, but to protect themselves as well. Something that is becoming harder and harder to do in this ever evolving age of technology.

The company that aims to be "The Identity Bureau" of the internet, started as a background-check service for dating sites.

Today Trulioo allows businesses to do more than just verify it's users, but detects spammers, determines legitimate registration, and authenticates users globally. In this age of technology where trust is harder than ever to find, Trulioo is dedicated to ensure that businesses can offer just that with the best privacy practices.


Using their online electronic identity verification service, specifically developed with the international market. Global Gateway was created to help businesses comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer rules.

Able to bypass geography, economic status, age or gender, Trulioo's technology combines the strengths of your traditional ID verification and the capabilities of online tech today to provide trust and safety online by providing three options for integrating GlobalGateway into your eIDV business processes. GlobalGateway Portal, XML Direct, and XML Frame.


  • Minimize customer interaction
  • Mitigate risk from online fraud (identity and age verification)
  • Regulatory compliance with regional and international Anti Money Laundering regulations
  • Increase revenue throughput by alleviating manual interaction in identification process
  • Low touch integration into web applications
  • Comprehensive match information, not just a score
  • Flexible pricing options to meet your needs


Trulioo makes it easy for you to apply their software to your business with the three options for integrating GlobalGateway, and great customer support on their website, and with the first 30 days free and affordable packages that allow you to find the perfect fit for you, they are on their way to accomplishing their mission.