17 Truly Ridiculous Things Couples Have Actually Fought About

Not their proudest moments.

Couples fight. It's a fact of life.

While some arguments are important and even necessary, others are really, really stupid.

We recently asked coupled-up HuffPost readers to share the most ridiculous (and in hindsight, hilarious) things they've actually fought about. See what they had to say below:

1. "I basically had a temper tantrum because I burned grilled cheese sandwiches and he was trying to give me advice and be helpful. I slammed the spatula down and told him that he could do it himself and went to my room to pout!" - Beth H.

2. "Married one month, together 22 years and still fighting over who gets to pee first when we wake up together. Tried going together but too messy." - Ron F.

3. "Whether or not candy corn was a vegetable. He insists that it is!" - MaryAnn H.

4. "Who was going to get back out of bed to turn the light off. We are both stubborn so we slept all night with the light on." - Raechelle A.

5. "When I was pregnant I cried because he made tater tots for dinner and I didn't like them. Fought about it for two days." - Stephanie H.

6. "How to spend hypothetical lottery winnings." - Shannon G.

7. "Flushing the toilet in the middle of the night. That's when the monsters climb out of the bowl if you disturb them." - Heather S.

8. "One day he came home from work and I was already asleep. He went to cuddle me facing each other. I told him he was stealing my air and went to turn over. Lo and behold, we had a fight about cuddling." - Bek P.

9. "The damn covers -- argh! If they aren't militarily tucked in tight enough to suffocate a baby seal, then all hell breaks loose." - Melyssa G.

10. "On our honeymoon we had this big discussion about whether or not penguins laid eggs. This was before smartphones and I was thinking, 'Omg, this idiot won't agree with me.'" - Karri R.

11. "We almost divorced over paint color for our dining room." - Sonia S.

12. "I made fun of his boxer shorts that had little lacrosse sticks on them." - Lori W.

13. "What to watch on Netflix. Nightly argument." - Tess H.

14. "Hangers. He insists I'm stealing hangers from his side of the closet, while I KNOW that he's stealing hangers from my side. I even caught him red-handed one day!" - Alyssa A.

15. "We argued about something that we both agreed on because we both couldn't understand each other's sentences." - Morgyn H.

16. "He got me tulips one year for Easter. And they were fake. And he didn't know it. I said it was ludicrous that he didn't know they were fake after first blowing up that he would deliberately get me fake flowers." - Andrea G.

17. "Coat check tickets. My husband could not find them at the end of snowy night at a night club. I asked him if they were in his jeans pocket. He snapped 'Of course, I already checked there!' We took separate cabs and arrived at our home at the same time, me shivering without my coat, Paul with my coat in his hands. 'Where were the tickets?' I asked. Yep, they were in his jeans pocket." - Bill D.

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