Truman Capote's 'In Cold Blood' Typewriter Sold On eBay

By Gabe Habash for PWxyz:

The personal Smith Corona typewriter of Truman Capote, and likely the one he used to write In Cold Blood, has been sold on eBay for $8,281. The auction drew two bidders and three bids, and the winning bid was considerably higher than its $7,000 starting price.

From the seller, a friend of Capote’s:

All of these personal things were given to me by Mr. Capote. I picked him up from the airport in Kansas City, Missouri several times and drove him to Holcomb, Kansas. Mr. Capote was getting information on a crime that took place there for a book he was writing.

At, James Massey writes that Capote liked to write a draft of his books and then a revision longhand, before ever using a typewriter.

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