Donald Trump's 2012 Yankees Tweet Proves There Really Is A #TweetForEverything

Yes, even for Major League Baseball.
Of course Donald Trump tweeted about the Yankees in 2012.
Of course Donald Trump tweeted about the Yankees in 2012.

It’s a strange phenomenon that has taken root since President Donald Trump took office. Every time a major event occurs, those inhabiting the Twitter universe unearth an old Trump tweet, many of them sent while he was still just a reality TV star, and find that it can be related to today. 

On Saturday, we learned that the phenomenon stretches into the world of professional sports.

After the Houston Astros shut out the New York Yankees from the World Series on Saturday night, beating them 4-0 in the deciding seventh game of their series, Twitter found a 2012 tweet Trump wrote about the Yankees and then-President Barack Obama.

People were surprised that the old Trump tweet trick could even work with Major League Baseball.

Trump’s Twitter feed can be a treasure trove of hypocrisy for those willing to dig deep enough in his timeline.

For example, there’s an appropriate tweet for every time Trump hits the links at one of his golf courses.

Or when he reflects on the electoral college:

Or when he’s dealing with the disastrous storms to hit the U.S. this year:

Whatever else is hidden in Trump's Twitter feed, we can rest assured that the Twitterverse will dig it up. 



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