Misspelled Hashtag Supporting Trump Goes Viral For The Wrong Reasons

The president's supporters appear to think #Trump2020Landside sends the right message.

Although Donald Trump’s supporters may have the courage of their convictions, they might benefit more from a spellcheck.

That’s because for the last couple of days, the president’s fans have been predicting his victory via the misspelled hashtag: #Trump2020Landside.

Yes, it’s supposed to be “landslide” with an extra L, but it can be argued that factual information isn’t a priority for Trump supporters.

The hashtag seems to have started Dec. 8, but it really took off after White House social media director Dan Scavino used it in a Dec. 15 tweet.

Apparently, he was too busy owning the libs to check his spelling.

The hashtag was quickly picked up by others who also didn’t notice the missing letter, possibly because they were too busy owning the aforementioned libs.

But by Tuesday, the hapless hashtag went viral for the wrong reasons as many people were amused that Trump supporters insisted on praising their Christmas-loving president with a no-L hashtag. 

(h/t: RawStory)