Flashback: Here's How Trump Administration Members Celebrated Marriage Equality Ruling

But only if you call complaining about queer people getting equal rights "celebrating."

The monumental decision, delivered by SCOTUS on June 26, 2015, was celebrated by the LGBTQ community and its friends and allies around the world, and the anniversary of the ruling continues to be commemorated each year, particularly since it conveniently falls so close to national Pride celebrations.

However, not everyone was quite as ecstatic about queer people finally winning the decades-long fight to achieve marriage equality on that fateful day. In fact, many of the biggest names in President Donald Trump’s administration were publicly and vocally displeased with the Supreme Court’s decision at that time.

Today GLAAD, one of the world’s largest and most visible LGBTQ advocacy organizations, used the second anniversary of the SCOTUS ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges to look back at what individuals like Vice President Mike Pence, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others had to say two years ago.

Spoiler alert ― none of it was good!

“As we look ahead to future LGBTQ decisions, we must remember where the most anti-LGBTQ administration in recent memory stood after one of the most historic rulings for LGBTQ Americans,” Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD told HuffPost. “With the Trump Administration’s continued attempts to systematically erase LGBTQ people, we must remain vigilant.” 

Using the research GLAAD sent us, we chose some of best known members of Trump’s administration and highlighted their responses below. Keep the list handy ― it should prove useful the next time someone tells you that these folks have our backs.