O'Reilly Seeks Trump's Approval In 'Anchor Babies' Interview

"I think you’ve always been fair. I think you’re terrific," Trump said.

Donald Trump wants to build a wall.

"A big, beautiful, powerful wall," he said during an appearance on "The O'Reilly Factor" Tuesday night.

He and Bill O'Reilly spent over seven minutes trying to figure out how Trump's new mass deportation and secure borders plan would work, especially given the pesky 14th Amendment.

Trump wants to build a giant wall on the southern border of the country, and has big visions for mass deportations of undocumented immigrants and their children, even though those children are technically United Sates citizens if they were born in the country.

During the interview, Trump didn't seem to understand O'Reilly's assertion that "If you're born here, you're an American, period!" 

"The concept of anchor babies I don’t think you’re right about," Trump shot back. "Many lawyers are saying that’s not the way it is. … They’re saying it’s not gonna hold up in court."

Trump said it would take too long to amend the Constitution, so he wants to find a way to eliminate birthright American citizenship altogether.

The pair spent the rest of the interview practicing their First Amendment right to congratulate one another, offering yet another example of Fox's fawning coverage of the real estate mogul.

"Was this interview fair?" O'Reilly asked.

"You’re always fair and I appreciate it, I think you’ve always been fair. I think you’re terrific," Trump replied.