Trump And Minorities

WOLF. I see in the paper today that you are going to Detroit and other minority cities to convince Afro-American voters that you are not a racist. Is that correct?

TRUMP. I said it, didn't I? So it must be true, okay?

WOLF. But doesn't that contradict a lot of your earlier statements about Blacks and Latinos?

TRUMP. Which ones?

WOLF. That all immigrants are rapists and Blacks eat up all our tax money.

TRUMP. I said that? Never.

WOLF. I can quote you here from the New York Times.

TRUMP. Well, you know what I think of that newspaper, okay? And people get misquoted all the time.

WOLF. Alright, let me quote from Afro-American Congressman Gregory Meeks from New York's Fifth Congressional District, then: "To him, we are all poor, we are all uneducated, we are all unemployed... Donald Trump has repeatedly proved himself to be a bigot.

TRUMP. That's a misquotation. What that black guy actually said was that I was a big shot.

WOLF. You may be a big shot. But are you aware you have only have the backing of about 1% African-American voters and just a few percentage points better from Latinos.

TRUMP. That's an obvious miscount. Very careless polling.

WOLF. What if it's true?

TRUMP. Well, they haven't heard me speak yet, have they?

WOLF. Yes, but you did go to all those cities, and there wasn't a single black face in the audience.

TRUMP. There you go with your bigoted way of looking at audiences.

WOLF. Now I'm the bigot?

TRUMP. Counting faces for a speech?

WOLF: Did you go down there to increase the number of those faces? Or was it to persuade moderate Republicans that you are not a racist?

TRUMP: Listen, I love Detroit and all those Afro cities so much, I don't mind who is in the audience.

WOLF: Including even a few Black faces?

TRUMP: Including even a few Black faces.

WOLF: Thank you [big breath] very much, and a Good Night from Broken news.