I only have 13% of battery life left so I am going to accept this winding down clock as a challenge. Let's just see what I can accomplish with my writing life with that kind of jeopardy.

I've always hated the word "deadline" because when I finally got to the end, I feel more alive than ever. But I digress.

How I ususually operate is, I sit down each morning, hit the diesel button on the coffee pump and with no plans or road map and I just see where the road will take me.

I usually do a feelings inventory in the warehouse of my emotions and whatever balloon escapes and heads skywards becomes the lead that refuses to be buried.

12% left.

I am loathe to write about Trump...again. It seems all I do is dedicate myself to downing that fascist blimp with the swirling Mr. Ed hair-do.

Shit. Okay. That let a balloon out. Last night's right before sleep image was the naked statue of limitations of Hair Trump that has popped up all over the place. Bravo to whoever is the mastermind behind that because trust me, that is not Trump's image of himself. In his eyes. He surely must see himself as the younger version of him that he has had a mad crush on since boyhood.

11% left.

Kellyanne Conway said that Trump announcing that he has regrets was his idea. The thing is he never said specifically what he had regrets about. That is classic Trump. It's like a public school bully being forced to apologize to the kid who he just beat up with a large polo mallet because his parents made him and the best that he can come up with is the wildly insincere "I have regrets." For all I know he has regrets that there isn't enough time in the day to pummel even more people.

10% left

Stephen K. Bannon of not so Brietbart is a media pig whose site/trough for conspiracy theorists and racists also encourages antisemitism on an almost profound level. Meet the regrets of tomorrow. Typically, Bannon has zero experience running a campaign. He comes armed with the identical bluster of his candidate who thinks that any idiot can be president and proves that very point by the minute.

9% left.

Michael Moore's recent editorial informed us that Trump only entered the race as a publicity stunt to generate more income flow for his fast fading reality show. All he wanted to do was say a few incredibly insensitive, incendiary things in a fake news conference in order to draw attention to himself and then go away but lo and behold, his stupid remarks accidentally triggered a movement amongst the confederacy of Donces and the rest is scorched earth history. So what will happen after the election/public humiliation? (The last Clinton Presidential campaign's theme song was "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow." This year will no doubt be Fleetwood Mac's song "Landslide").

So what comes next? The worst form of branding. I am willing to bet you anything that Trump, Bannon and that other media pig, Roger Ailes are going to create a new radicalized version of Fox News. Trumpig News perhaps? Look, Hitler failed on his first try too and wound up in jail, before he conjured up the unfortunate best seller Mein Kampf. Trump now gets that the way to mesmerize/hypnotize the swine of America is to squeal just like them so that they go out and buy the outsourced bacon that he is selling. The Art of the Squeal.


The tragedy of this election cycle is not what everyone is focusing on now. It's not about the next 80 days. It's about the years to come. It's about the permanent damage that Trump has created by giving voice and power to the clueless and disenfranchised.

American still yearns for its face in the crowd. It still craves a Lonesome Rhodes who, with his smilling Andy Griifth face and good ol' boy southern charm who can create the TV transmitted illusion that makes them believe that they are heard and most of all loved...while behind closed doors Lonesome cackles like Satan, considering his followers to be nothing but a bunch of marching mindless morons. And what motivated Lonesome Rhodes? The desperate need to be loved by Patricia Neil...and by anyone else, so disproportionally, that he has has a bottomless hole in his soul that will never be filled.

Sound familiar?


Lastly, at 5% let me say this to Mr. Trump: this is what it feels like to have the clock run down on you.

Whether it's the now inevitable national unilateral rejection of you that you are already preparing for by saying things like the election is rigged and that the Sarah Palin media is turning on you or the unlimited Blue Velvet gas that you are huffing that is making you delusional enough to think that you have been both a fine parent and outstanding human being, let me say this:

Sooner or later there will be judgement day.

And if we are really lucky, God will come in the form of an Indiana judge of Hispanic descent who is waiting in the wings of eternity to take you down.

Or maybe he will allow you to be judged by the thousands of people you have underpaid or not paid at all for labor done. Or the people who have been crushed by the endless debt that you have made millions from. Or maybe he will allow every single Trump University victim who was duped by your scam to sue you for every penny that you've got.


You see, just like that we're down to the 1%.

And no one symbolizes that 1% more than you.

How fitting that this how it ends.