Trump And The Teslafication Of America

The presumptive GOP candidate, Orange Julius Caesar, has turned us all into Teslas -- and by this I mean thanks to his divisive and often blatantly racist language, we have become a country of freewheeling autonomous killing machines, driven by the same kind of violent road rage that can be found on way too many roads in America.

When I woke up, like most of you, and heard about the Dallas Shooting (which made me think of the Kennedy assassination right away) my first thought was first Trump and then GOPhuck yourselves of Congress.

Just the other day I watched all those congressmen -- whose salaries that we are paying for -- create yet another Arthur Miller-worthy witch hunt instead of working and legislating which is the actual job description for what they are supposed to be doing.

In between trying to eviscerate Medicare and social security while trying to wipe out programs for the elderly and less fortunate while giving more and more tax breaks for people like Trump, they decided that the Republican and deeply religious head of the FBI was not one of them, that he had somehow violated their playbook and made a blatant and obvious attempt to discredit both him and the Attorney General -- before she even testifies.

Get ready for the Loretta Lynching.

Kind of symbolic, given how they have treated our president and a few innocent black men over the last 8 years, don't you think?

I blame Trump and the GOP and a few racist, paranoid thug cops entirely for it.

Trump and the GOPhuck yourselves have unleashed the beast and given carte blanche permission to the racist bottom feeders of America to say and do whatever they want because this is "their America."

Cue the statue of liberty throwing up in New York harbor.

You know and I know that all this tantrum-quality blind jealousy and rage has been a significant part of our national fabric. The only thing that has changed is that the invisible is now not only visible but captured on smartphones and broadcast all over the world.

We have long allowed Fox to pretend to be fair and balanced while we know it's really the true voice of Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch who create daily sound byte talking points for the likes of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

No one is fooled by their fake sincerity and "concern" for the American people.

But they have Jesus and guns on their side and that is catnip to the crazies and extremists.

While they never, ever act like true Christians (I'm a Jew and I'm far more Christian than they will ever be) they pander and pretend to be pious -- while they treat the common man like dog shit.

When Carly Fiorina went after Planned Parenthood with a completely fake film, within days one of her many mentally-ill disciples visited one in Colorado with America's favorite go-to toy: an automatic military grade weapon and shot the shit out of it. Just like they were Sandy Hook first graders.

He even quoted her. He used her language.

And yet accomplices in this country get off scott-free. To me, her statements were just as lethal as all those car manufacturers who have been lying about the quality of their murdering air bags.

That, to me, is precisely what Trump is. In my opinion, he is a murdering air bag if only for the crap that he spews to make the meek and illiterate feel that he is one of them. And now they are acting on those words while Nero fiddles in the greatest, biggest condo in the world. Believe me. Believe me.

Trump literally gets away with murder all the time. Living here in New York we all know someone whose services he refused to pay for. He steals, He stomps. He lies. He frauds. He bilks.

But he speaks for you.

And the only thing that the GOPhuck yourselves can do is try to bring Hillary down to his level by keeping all this email nonsense alive. Did she lie to Congress? She did not. Is she guilty of being careless? Yup. But so the fuck what? We want politicians to appear as human as possible but when they actually act like fallible humans, we pounce on them and publicly crucify them while pretending just how Christian we are.

Cue to the Pope throwing up.

I will say this to my dying day: stop being Trump's Super PAC by giving him free airtime. Stop listening. Stop paying for products that CNN, MSNBC and FOX advertise.

You are not as impotent as you think. Your vote is your bullet. Use it to get rid of all those congressmen who do not care about children or innocent men dying. Fuck their minute of silence. Silence them forever once and for all.

And take all that hate that you now have in your heart (hey I have it too) and read what Ghandi and Martin Luther King and even Malcolm X had to say about all this.

We are a global disgrace right now.

We are the Old West and the Good Ol' Boy pre-Civil War South born again, shootin' up the equivalent of injuns because of our national disease: a universal sense of entitlement.

We believe that this land of is our land -- even though it never was. We just took it. And that is the only kind of patriotism that I know Trump has.

Our society was built first on the need for independence and democracy, but over a period of 200 plus years, we have become dependent.

Dependent on our own selfish needs and hard core often racist beliefs.

It's time to grow the fuck up.