Trump's Fearmongering Only Helps ISIS By Spreading Hate

European authorities aren’t quick to condemn Islam with the help of Muslims in terror prevention.
Trump's hateful divisive message against muslims only works in favor of ISIS.
Trump's hateful divisive message against muslims only works in favor of ISIS.

In the wake of the awful attack that happened in London over the weekend, just weeks after the Manchester bombing, ISIS took responsibility and we heard all the same predictable conversations again ― except this time Trump wasn’t flying around the world without an international data plan, so he could take to Twitter and promote his unconstitutional Muslim ban. Like the OG version, the NOT watered down version.

In that insane Twitter tirade, Trump also included a statement about gun laws, which unsurprisingly missed the point.

Yes, if Europe didn’t have such strict gun laws ― the devastation would likely have been far greater. Whenever ISIS inspires terrorists in the U.S. like the San Bernardino killers, the death toll is far greater, you imbecile.

But Donald wasn’t the only imbecile voicing bigotry after the London attacks, Nigel Farage escalated this vitriol to its logical next step by casually dropping the idea of internment camps.

This is a concept that should send a chill down the spine of any American familiar with our nation’s history.

It was so insane that even Fox News had to issue a formal statement disavowing it. They’ve been doing that a lot lately. Cough ― Hannity ― cough.

I’ve been talking about the greater responsibility Muslims hold in preventing terror for some time now. It sucks, but that’s the reality. We have to publicly condemn these attacks to send a message internally to Islamic communities, but also to non-Muslims that we are on the same team. This places Muslim leaders in a unique position because Christian churches don’t issue statements when white supremacists commit domestic terror in the U.S. As a society, we’re capable of identifying that these actors operate alone and are not radicalized by their religious texts but rather by a bastardized interpretation of that religion. Speaking of that disassociation, we even allow the KKK to operate in this country, and we take resources away from preventing far-right domestic terror groups and relocate funds to combating Islamist terror. That’s like using a freedom of speech argument as to why ISIS should be able to operate freely in the U.S.

If you like numbers, I have some numbers [receipts] for you:

Far right wing groups were responsible for 73% of all the violent extremist incidents since September 12, 2001. The rest were radical Islamist extremists. That’s a three-to-one margin.

Here are some more facts about the prevalence on non-Muslim domestic terror in comparison to violent Islamist extremism.

But despite these numbers, Trump maliciously used the horrific event in London to push his unconstitutional ban, and then attack London mayor Sadiq Khan, who was trying to tend to the wounded and bring a sense of calm amidst the chaos as he urged the citizens not to be alarmed by an increase in police activity.

Of course, Trump did all of this from his 23rd golf trip to Mar-a-Lago, and his supporters sit around and act like he gives a single f*ck. So stupid.

If you’re scared about radical Islamist terror, European officials in power aren’t so quick to lambast the entire religion like we do here in the U.S., even though it makes up a quarter of the world’s population ― just look at Dearborn, Michigan: America’s closest resemblance to a European Muslim neighborhood, or banlieue if you want to sound fancy. Muslim community cooperation with authorities is vital in terror prevention. The same goes for Europe where the Muslim population percentage is even higher. This is the reason why, unlike Trump, European authorities are not so quick to attack Muslims. Well that, and also because they’re not tyrannical assholes hellbent on fear-mongering to take attention away from a son-in-law who may be openly colluding with Russians to finance his expensive ass property in New York. Allegedly.

As a matter of fact, cooperation at all levels is important. A big part of the problem with terrorism in Europe stems from the lack of intelligence cooperation among states. This complicates matters when European nations have open borders but cannot communicate intelligence through a centralized security force.

Socio-economic class distinctions are also another big reason. European Muslims often reside in lower-economic class communities plagued by criminal behavior. That’s why ISIS can infiltrate the existing criminal web to spread its message to even more youths already living on the margins and primed for radicalization.

Take a look at sanctuary cities and Latino communities in the U.S. A major reason why sanctuary cities exist is to ensure cooperation amongst undocumented citizens and the authorities. This is one reason why sanctuary cities have lower crime rates ― because law-abiding undocumented residents aren’t afraid to speak to the police about illegal activities in their communities without fear that they themselves may be turned over to ICE.

In the wake of awful incidents like London, we have two options: further increase the divide between Muslims and non-Muslims by letting Trump and the media play on our base fears so we push away regular, everyday Muslims; or we can welcome Muslims with open arms, and preach tolerance, recognizing that they are oftentimes both the victims of the attacks directly and the victims of backlash in the aftermath.

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