The Art Nerds Of Twitter Drag Trump With #TrumpArtworks

People will organize, people will resist and people will also maybe troll a little.

President Trump has only been in office five days and already he has made headway on many of his most alarming campaign promises ― from preparing to dramatically restrict immigration from Muslim-majority countries to erasing Obama’s climate change initiatives. There are, of course, ways for the millions of Americans appalled by Trump’s agenda to organize, resist, and take action. And then, there’s some good old-fashioned Twitter trolling.

It’s been hard for many to resist taking a dig at Donald on the internet platform he holds so dear, and most recently it’s been the art world who has taken up the gauntlet. British humor website The Poke called upon its readers to incorporate Trump into some of art history’s most iconic works, thereby, of course, making them “much better and far more beautiful ― or at the very least more orange.”

The good art nerds of Twitter delivered, responding with classical paintings updated to reflect Trump and his team’s penchant for “alternative facts,” “pussy” grabbing, Vladimir Putin and, allegedly, golden showers. Let the dragging commence.

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