Here's What Trump Would Look Like As Various Disney Villains

With the notable exception of Scar.

What has the bewigged thumb we call Donald Trump been up to lately?

Notably, he's clarified that his proposed fence along the U.S.-Mexican border is not actually a fence but a wall, and those who ignore the distinction are foolish mortals. He's not -- seriously, not -- interested in buying an Argentinian soccer team, but remains very interested in bullying the second-eldest Bush progeny. He continues to spew hateful and ignorant comments about women and minorities.

Is any of that "evil"? Probably not quite. Maybe. Yet as an experiment in thought and graphics, the pseudonymous artist Saint Hoax decided to reimagine some iconic villains from our childhoods with the paunchy face of Donald Trump.


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Saint Hoax
Saint Hoax
Saint Hoax
Saint Hoax
Saint Hoax

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