TRUMP AS PRESIDENT? The Damage Could Be Permanent

TRUMP AS PRESIDENT? The Damage Could Be Permanent

By Don C. Reed

Donald J. Trump would be a disaster as President.

As he has no governmental experience whatsoever, we must look at his business practices. Is he a kind and caring boss? It would not appear so, since his hotel in California had to be sued before it would allow workers to have their legally required 30 minute lunch and 10 minute rest breaks.

He states that he wants to give a "new deal" for the poor, but it is unclear how this will be paid for, since he wants to reduce taxes on the top one per cent. Also, is not spending without raising revenue the very definition of debt?

The conservative Forbes Magazine estimates that the Trump tax plan "would add trillions to the debt (whereas) the Clinton plan would trim deficits (by) tax(ing) the wealthy."

Trump claims to love America, but his words ring hollow. He appears to take pride in paying no federal taxes for many years. What does that mean? The government goes without, short-changed of what it needs for the military, or highway constructions or schools, or social security--while the rest of us pay more than our fair share.

He claims to be a genius in business. But look how many of his companies have gone bankrupt, including the recently deceased "Trump Tower" in Toronto. If I understand correctly, Trump himself will still make money--while other people involved will lose their jobs or their investments.

Like a spoiled child, Trump has no manners. Look at the debates, how he seems unable to restrain himself, endlessly interrupting, drowning out his opponents with sheer volume of noise and various insults.

He seems uncaring, as when he says football injuries to the head (such as concussions) are just "dings", and the rules to protect players are "too soft".

That macho posturing is especially loathsome to me. It was a football injury that broke my son Roman Reed's neck, paralyzing him from the shoulders down.

Trump scoffs at John McCain for being a prisoner of war in Vietnam, but where was Trump when his country called? He took four college draft deferments so he would not have to go to Viet Nam--and a fifth claiming a bone spur in one of his heels, though he could not seem to remember which one.

By his own admission, he appears to treat women shamefully. He was taped bragging about grabbing women by their genitals.

A dozen women claim he has groped them. Trump says they are all lying, and that when he appeared to have admitted "grabbing" then, it was just "locker room talk". If that is the case, why would he take pride in such vile things?

The excuse offered is that he was "egged on" by Billy Bush.

If that shallow "excuse" is true, do we want someone so easily manipulated negotiating for our country?

He dismisses science casually, even such near-universally accepted matters as vaccines, which most people accept to prevent the plague-like spread of disease.

Ignoring the record-breaking droughts in California and floods in Louisiana, he calls climate change a "Chinese hoax".

He seeks to gain power by dividing people, as Hitler did by blaming Germany's troubles on the Jewish people. Trump denigrates Muslims or Mexican-Americans casually, without appearing to care about the hate he engenders.

He wants to deport millions of Mexican-Americans, breaking up families without a qualm.

He would bring back torture.

Women's rights are apparently a confusing concept to Trump. He originally supported Roe v. Wade and a woman's freedom to control her own body, then shifting to "there must be some form of punishment", famously changing his position on the issue five times in three days. Now he appears to have his mind made up, and will appoint anti-women's rights judges to the Supreme Court.

Some of his proposals seem untethered to reality. He wants to enact a law that for every new government regulation Congress passes, they must take away two.

This is like saying, if we want to control carbon emissions, we must first agree to remove both standards of water purity and also standards of lead content in children's toys!

Trump has ferociously vilified Clinton for her email difficulties--yet he himself is accused of deliberately destroying many emails and documents requested by courts.

The havoc Donald Trump would wreak upon our country and the world would be unprecedented-- and could be permanent.

We dare not forget that this unstable individual would have access to nuclear weapons capable of destroying civilization across the earth.

Give your vote to Hillary Clinton, nobody else.

On your choice rests the fate of the nation, and the world.

Don C. Reed is the author of "STEM CELL BATTLES: Proposition 71 and Beyond: How Ordinary People Can Fight Back Against the Crushing Burden of Chronic Disease".