Trump as U.S. President. What a Coup for Women.

Yes, I just wrote that... as I just saw it, with my own eyes, today.

I just completed my Wednesday advanced meditation class which is all women... all Hillary voters. This is the first time, I have ever seen, outward cries of pain and heartbreak from an election. I saw tears of joy, and had some of my own, the night our country saw the election of a man of color as President. That was historic (I still can’t believe it, actually), and it has changed the energy of our country whether you believe in Obama or not. An undercurrent occurred. Some of it visible; some invisible. Which leads us to today.

Many in my spiritual circles believe that Trump is the outcome of America being open and accepting. That for many people this was not comfortable and that now, apparently, we must have someone who represents us as a nation... as closed. Some might see this as negative but, of course, I see it as good, good, good. An undercurrent of another kind... more subtle... will happen and it has already started. Yet, it may not be subtle in weeks, months or years to come.

I witnessed women who are so soft spoken, kind and beautiful – being cursedly angry and having a loud voice. I heard women who assumed that this election would go one way and it didn’t. I heard them express how quiet they were, how they could have done more... but that the outcome of this vote has sparked them. Sparked them to do something. To have a voice. To make a change.

My encouragement is always to take fear or anger and do something with it beyond. That having such emotions in your body/mind and in your consciousness is hurtful to all humanity as well as yourself. What can you do with this energy? You can make it go towards hate and closed-up-ness or you can make a movement toward positivity and change. Not a change in how we used to be (’cause who really wants to go back there), or we move to who were are supposed to be.

I see us as a nation... a world of essentially loving, caring people. That the people that we don’t like or who make parts of our tummy uncomfortable are just humans we have to look at if we really, really want to alter ourselves. If we are conscious and aware, we stare at this; even if we don’t like what we see. We don’t just get mad and hide. We make corrections. And, ideally, we make it with love, respect, kindness, empathy and gratitude. We thank Trump for all that he has done and will do! We thank Hillary for all that she has done and will do! We thank America for showing us that we have work to do! We thank everyone for this exhilaration!

What will happen next? For this, I choose to have nothing but excitement.

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