Trump At Your (Thanksgiving) Table

Trump. I see two, maybe three, groups of Trump-ites, depending on how you count.

Trump voters: Many who INEXCUSABLY know not what they did. I know many. I think many Hillary supporters, many on the left, especially in New York and other urban centers, either don't personally know, or at least don't recognize, Trump voters. I do. I know Jewish women, Asian men, sweet doormen, 'society' women, family members who live away, dentists, you name it. So many seem to not really be commited to his 'program' but they did what they wanted to do, vote Trump, and I think many of them are simply not paying much attention even now.

Enablers: The kids who didn't bother to vote or who refrained in a statement of anti-Hillary-ness. The people who (and I've grown to hate this phrase) 'despised Hillary' for no solid rational reason. The people who wanted 'A Change.' Post-Obama fascism sure is that. The people of color I know who said, disastrously, 'What difference does it make?' (We knew the difference in under a week.) The African-Americans I heard in the media this week who said 'This is a white man's fight." My childhood friend on the right, Jewish and a Cruz supporter, who said to me days before the election, "Don't worry, Sharon, we see who he is. He's a con. He won't win." And then, did not vote.

Die-hard Supporters: The people who whole-heartedly voted for and continue to support Trump. Even now, with Sessions and Flynn, with increasing proof of intricate intrusion by Russia, with FBI interference, with word of a registrar of Muslims and of course with BANNON and his vile anti-Semitic, anti-woman, anti-Muslim coda.

The big question for me, 15 brutal day-years after this election, now that no one can deny or fantasize about who Trump is, now that Trump has shown us these two weeks whom he stands with and what he stands for, is this ~

Who still stands with Trump? All 47million who voted for him? Cool with Bannon, and more?

I don't know the answer.

So, if Trump-voting family members and friends share your family's Thanksgiving table and weekend (happily not mine, with my totally American-mutt mix family here of Hillary supporters, but at the table of many of my wary friends, and likely many readers), I don't think you're automatically at war if those friends/family voted for Trump. The true adversary is not the Trump voter, it's the she and the he who continue to support him now. It's the unlistening, the unquestioning, and above all the adamant.

If someone at your Thanksgiving or metaphorical table is paying attention (and if she/he is not, that's a sin of the highest order, and stands with Trump now, with an understanding of who he is and what he will do - willful misunderstanding does not count), then, yes, I think, you are in an ethical, spiritual, moral war. Not facing that fact in whatever way you decide (however uncomfortably, however gently but clearly, however strongly) is a form of moral treason.

We must be the resistance, and/but we must be clear about who our adversary is, and is not.