Trump Scorched Over Tweet Bashing Obama For Burning Through 'Chief Of Staffs'

That's why Obama couldn't get his agenda passed, Trump scolded.

Twitter followers piled on President Donald Trump after unearthing his 2012 tweet ripping then-President Barack Obama for having three “chief of staffs” (the correct term is chiefs of staff) in three years.

Trump, who’s finishing up the second year of his presidency, plans to name his third chief of staff next week to replace John Kelly, who’s heading out the door. Kelly replaced Reince Priebus in July 2017 after Priebus served just six months. 

Trump groused in his tweet that the upheaval in Obama’s White House was “part of the reason” Obama couldn’t “manage to pass his agenda.”

As some wags indicated, there’s an awkward Trump tweet for every occasion.