Trump Accuses Joe Biden Of 'Playing Fingers' With His Mask In Bizarre Tweet

A Monday tweet from the president suggested the “lamestream media” is covering up for bad habits by Biden.

President Donald Trump really can’t mask his antipathy for how Joe Biden is treating the coronavirus.

Case in point: On Monday, the president posted a bizarre tweet suggesting the “lamestream media” is covering up Biden’s mask habits.

The tweet apparently was inspired by a viral video taken Friday that shows the Democratic presidential nominee lowering his mask and coughing into his hand at a Las Vegas campaign stop.

That clearly wasn’t the most hygienic thing Biden could have done, but Trump’s complaint seems just a tad disingenuous, considering the president is notoriously mask-averse, has organized events that have turned into super-spreader events. and contracted COVID-19 himself.

Biden, meanwhile, has stressed the importance of mask-wearing to help stem the pandemic, and his campaign has been much more scrupulous about following virus-related health protocols than the Trump team.

No wonder many Twitter users quickly mocked Trump’s tweet.

Some people were skeptical about Trump’s claim, for obvious reasons.

One person feared Trump’s tweet would inspire his followers to continue to forgo their masks.

Some people were left wondering what “playing fingers” means.

HuffPost reached out to the Trump campaign for clarity on what “playing fingers” means, but no immediate response was provided.

Writer E. Jean Carroll, who is suing Trump for defamation in a case stemming from a sexual assault allegation she lodged against him, had a theory as good as any.

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