Invoice Generator Lets You Bill Trump For Your Birth Control Copay

Now, you can #SendTrumpTheBill.

Earlier this month, the Trump administration rolled back the Obama-era mandate that required employers to cover the copay for employee birth control, thus leaving up to 62 million women without contraceptive health care coverage.

Now, one group wants to protest the move by encouraging people to bill Trump directly for the amount those contraceptive copays would cost. 

Keep Birth Control Copay Free, a campaign funded by the Women’s Equality Center that advocates for access to contraceptives, launched a tool on Wednesday that allows users to select their contraceptive type from a drop down menu and get the estimate of what that contraceptive would cost annually. 

Once the user selects their type of birth control, they see the annual cost. An IUD, for example, costs $1,111, and oral contraceptives cost $600 annually. (Keep Birth Control Free pulled the numbers from Planned Parenthood and health care research group Amino.)

Users are then prompted to send the invoice to the Trump administration and the Department of Health and Human Services. 

“Women are tired of footing the bill for male politicians’ attacks on essential reproductive health care,” said Amy Runyon-Harms, Keep Birth Control Copay Free campaign coordinator, said in a press release on Wednesday. 

“Together, we are pushing back against President Trump’s dangerous political decision to reduce access to birth control and today we are sending him the bill ... and we figure, with Donald Trump’s frequent proclamations that he’s ‘very rich,’ he shouldn’t have a problem absorbing the cost.”

While it’s unlikely, to say the least, that Trump will change his mind about rolling back the mandate, the invoice campaign still serves to educate users about the actual costs of contraceptive care, and rally women around the hugely important issue of reproductive health care access. 



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