Trump’s Latest Angry Rant Gets Spectacularly Undermined By His Own Tweets

Twitter users call out Trump's anti-boycott rant since he's called for plenty of boycotts himself.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday slammed the “radical left” for its use of boycotts.

Trump was trying to defend Home Depot from calls for a boycott after retired company cofounder Bernie Marcus gave an interview praising him. 

But as his critics were quick to point out, Trump sings a whole different tune when he’s angry at a company ― and is often quick to call for boycotts himself.

A quick search of his Twitter feed reveals calls for and/or encouragement of boycotts of: Harley Davidson, CNN, Megyn Kelly, “all Apple products,” Macy’s, Fox News, Univision, HBO, Rolling Stone, Glenfiddich Scotch, all of Scotland, and the entire nations of Mexico and Italy

He’s also attacked multiple companies including Amazon, Nike, Nordstrom, as well as the Broadway musical “Hamilton.”

Despite that history, Trump tweeted: 

Home Depot told The Hill it does not endorse candidates and Marcus, who retired in 2002, did not speak on behalf of the company.

But Trump rushed to the company’s defense just the same, slamming those boycott calls.

And Twitter users let him have it: