Republican Groups Hit Trump Close To Home In Blistering New TV Ads

The Lincoln Project and Republicans for the Rule of Law are out with new spots slamming the president.

Two groups of Republican critics of President Donald Trump are launching new TV attack ads against him. And one of them is attempting to drive a wedge between Trump and his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, by pointing to reports he’s enriched himself off the president’s reelection efforts.

The Lincoln Project ― led in part by conservative attorney George Conway, husband of counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway ― noted the pricey purchases Parscale has made, presumably from his work for the Trump campaign.

The spot is running on Fox News this week:

One of the Lincoln Project’s previous spots, “Mourning In America,” caused the president to attack the group several times, boosting its recognition and, ironically, its ability to raise money to run even more ads slamming Trump and his allies.

Conway is hoping this one also sets off Trump.

“These ads are designed to encourage him to express himself in the ways that only he can” and drive him crazy, Conway told The Washington Post, then added on Twitter:

Meanwhile, Republicans for the Rule of Law ― another group of anti-Trump members of the GOP ― created their own ad in the swing state of Michigan, which Trump won by just 0.23 percent in 2016. Earlier this week, Trump attacked Michigan’s expansion of voting by mail and threatened to withhold federal dollars over the move.

“President Trump ‘thinks’ he has the power to deny federal funds to states that want to allow their citizens to vote by mail,” Republicans for the Rule of Law spokesman Chris Truax said in a news release. “Of course he also ‘thinks’ it might be a good idea to inject Clorox so it is often unwise to mistake Trump’s ideas for realistic policies.”

Truax said forcing people to stand in voting lines in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic is “just insane and, frankly, evil.”

The group is urging Congress to step in:

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