Trump Brutally Mocked For Saying He Went To Bunker Just To Inspect It

One Twitter user wondered what the president was inspecting the bunker for: "Bunkeriness? Hideability?"

A lot of Twitter users apparently think President Donald Trump’s explanation for his Friday bunker visit was, well, bunk.

The Secret Service rushed the president and his family to an underground bunker during anti-racist protests in Washington, D.C., last Friday night.

Although the Trump family was reportedly rattled by the incident, the president offered a different spin to Brian Kilmeade during a Fox News Radio interview on Wednesday.

“I was there for a tiny little short period of time,” Trump said, adding that “it was much more for an inspection.”

The president claimed that he’s visited the bunker two or three times “all for inspection.” He added, “Someday you may need it. ... I went down, I looked at it.”

But many Twitter users were skeptical of Trump’s excuse, especially considering the timing.

Many people used analogies to illustrate why the bunker explanation just might be what is colloquially called “B.S.”

Other people suggested the president may want to figure out his priorities.

Some people had nagging questions.

One person did suggest we show empathy for the individual most likely to be affected by this incident in the long term.



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