3 Numbers That Say A Lot About Donald Trump

This week's episode of "By The Numbers" focuses on the presumptive GOP nominee.

Donald Trump is a man of countless numbers.

Is he worth $2.9 billion? $4.5 billion? $10 billion? Much, much less? His campaign coffers only contain $1.3 million. More than 13 million Americans have voted for him. He's been married three times. He has considered running or has run for president six times. He offered President Obama $5 million to reveal his birth certificate.

The list could go on. 

But on this week's episode of "By The Numbers," The Huffington Post's weekly business and tech talk show streamed on Facebook Live, we chose just three:

  • 11 million -- the number of undocumented workers the presumptive Republican presidential nominee wants to deport, as presented by business reporter Ben Walsh.

  • $500,000 -- the amount of money Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff raised for Trump's chief rival, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, to combat Trump. Emily Peck, our executive editor of HuffPost Business and Technology, presents this one.

  • 50 -- the number of articles Trump's staff print out every morning for him to read and mark up, according to Olivia Nuzzi's GQ profile of campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks. That one comes to us from Senior Tech Editor Damon Beres

Check it out and watch us banter!

"By The Numbers" airs every Thursday at 3 p.m. EST on the HuffPost Business Facebook page.

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