Trump Called General at 3AM to Ask Whether Strong Dollar is Good

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We all remember our elementary school history and math classes that teach us the value of a dollar, how it compares to foreign currencies, and the implications of when it’s strong or weak. Donald Trump, however, seemed unsure about some of the details, so he took logical action by phoning retired General Michael Flynn at 3:00 AM, who’s expertise is counterintelligence, and promptly replied that he was unsure and suggested Trump ask an economist.

How, one might ask, can you be an international businessman, and now President of the United States, and not understand what it means when a dollar is strong? How can you talk about manipulating different currencies, foreign transactions, and more when you don’t understand the framework to make those decisions? What disturbing is that we’re seeing something new here with these leaks: they aren’t from people trying sabotage others or sink pending policies, but rather from those who are genuinely disturbed and worried by Trump's behavior. A White House aide, who wanted to remain unnamed told The Huffington Post that Trump doesn't like to read long memos. Their solution is one single page, with nine bullet points per page. Nine bullet points.

Trump’s odd, unprofessional behavior will only increase as the pressures of his new position become tenfold. We’ve heard how unsteady his temperament is, how random occurrences will either please or upset Trump. He’s overly in tune with the performances of his aides on cable television, when previous presidents didn’t seek out precious aide-watching television time. Trump is making it a part of his daily routine, along with early morning Tweets and phone calls to retired generals. His erratic ways have already affected his performance, but he’s made it clear that any measure to change this will be thwarted.