Trump Says Brett Kavanaugh Was 'Caught Up In A Hoax' And 'Did Nothing Wrong'

The president pushes the GOP narrative that the sexual assault allegations Kavanaugh faced will hurt the Democrats.

President Donald Trump amped up his defense of Brett Kavanaugh on Monday, calling the sexual assault allegations that surfaced against the newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice “a hoax” and insisting that Kavanaugh “did nothing wrong.”

Trump also referred to reports that if Democrats gain a House majority in next month’s midterm elections, they might pursue impeachment proceedings against Kavanaugh.

“I’ve been hearing that now (Democrat) are talking about impeaching a brilliant jurist, a man that did nothing wrong, a man that was caught up in a hoax set up by the Democrats using the Democrats’ lawyers, and now they want to impeach him,” Trump told reporters gathered on the White House lawn.

Trump suggested that the U.S. public will respond to the drama that ensnared Kavanaugh’s confirmation process by changing how they vote in November’s elections. 

President Donald Trump, in comments to reporters outside the White House on Monday, dismissed the sexual
President Donald Trump, in comments to reporters outside the White House on Monday, dismissed the sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh as "a hoax."

“I think a lot of Democrats are going to vote Republican,” he said.

Other GOP leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have been insisting that the fight over Kavanaugh has energized the Republican base.

Trump’s comments came two days after the Senate narrowly confirmed Kavanaugh for the high court. All but one Republican backed him after a brief and limited FBI investigation found no corroboration of the assault allegations Christine Blasey Ford lodged against him. All but one Democrat opposed Kavanaugh.

Like Trump, many of Kavanaugh’s supporters initially deemed Ford’s Sept. 27 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee “credible.”

But last week, Trump took to mocking her, and his Monday comments continued the criticism of her credibility.

On Saturday, Trump said on Fox News that there should be “consequences” for those who accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

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