Trump Campaign Aide Appears To Scold The Late Senator John McCain For His Silence

Twitter wags suggest Katrina Pierson might want to reach out instead to Abraham Lincoln.

Donald Trump campaign aide Katrina Pierson appeared to slam the late Sen. John McCain in a tweet on Thursday for failing to answer questions on the Christopher Steele dossier concerning Trump and Russia. McCain died Aug. 25.

Pierson, who describes herself as a “senior adviser” for Trump’s 2020 campaign and who worked on his 2016 campaign, tweeted that McCain “Still Refuses to Answer Questions About His Role” concerning the dossier, which was compiled by the former British spy and included unverified accusations. Trump supporters insist the dossier is the only reason an investigation was launched into Trump’s connections with Russia.

Pierson’s tweet included a link to one of her 2017 blog posts and its headline.

Twitter let Pierson have it.

Pierson in turn blasted comments by the “looney left” and tweeted, “You guys are so dumb!” She insisted that her tweet refers to McCain “staffers” — and not the late senator.

She was apparently attempting to make a point about a judge’s ruling Wednesday striking down a defamation suit against BuzzFeed, which printed the dossier. According to the judge’s ruling, BuzzFeed obtained copies of information in the dossier from David Kramer, who was a director at the McCain Institute for International Leadership.

But Pierson’s actual message made it sound as if she were attempting to communicate with the dead.

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