Trump Campaign Busted For Deceptively Manipulating Biden Photos In New Ad

The new spot uses altered images of the former vice president.

President Donald Trump’s latest attack ad depicts former Vice President Joe Biden as isolated and alone, “diminished” and “hiding” in a basement at his Delaware home.

But as sharp observers noted on Twitter, the images were heavily manipulated ― and the one of him “alone” and “in his basement” was actually taken in a room full of people (pre-pandemic) that was neither in a basement nor even in his home.

Here’s the Trump ad:

The image of Biden sitting on the floor “alone” and “hiding” was actually from a football-watching party in Iowa. The background was manipulated to make it look as if Biden were sitting on the floor of an empty room:

Another image was of Biden at an outdoor event, in sunglasses and with a mic in hand. The original shows him pause to scratch his head or adjust the sunglasses, but the Trump campaign altered it to remove the mic and place him in a “basement.”

They also gave him pale and sickly skin:

And in another case, they isolated an image of Biden with his head down and in prayer at a church to make him appear down and dejected:

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