Team Trump's Red-Hat Filled Plane Gets The 'Hostage' Treatment On Twitter

The president's critics on social media point out everything weird about this image.

Members of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet and his reelection team posed for a photo on a flight from Iowa to Washington while wearing red hats with “Keep Iowa Great” written on them.  

And Twitter users tried to wrap their heads around some of the oddities in the image, from the less-than-thrilled expression on the face of acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to the unusually gleeful one on Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Several people, including Mulvaney and Trump’s eldest sons ― Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump ― moved from seats in the front cabin to the back to be in the photo. Housing Secretary Ben Carson also moved from the front to be in the photo, but not to a seat. Rather, he perched on an armrest and appeared mostly in the center aisle of the plane and in the middle of the image. 

Twitter users tried to take some guesses as to what was going on in the awkward photo: