Trump Can’t Find A Lawyer And Tweeters Think It's Hilarious

Maybe Vincent LaGuardia Gambini or Bob Loblaw can help.

President Donald Trump is struggling to find lawyers to join his legal team.

John Dowd, lead attorney for the president in the Russia probe, resigned last week. Ted Olson, who served as solicitor general under President George W. Bush, reportedly rejected an offer to join the team. Up to six other lawyers have also reportedly turned down Trump over the past week.

“I think everybody would agree this is turmoil, it’s chaos, it’s confusion, it’s not good for anything,” Olson said on MSNBC on Monday. “We always believe that there should be an orderly process, and of course, government is not clean or orderly ever. But this seems to be beyond normal.”

On Twitter, people had some thoughts about why Trump was having such a hard time finding a lawyer ― and offered a few suggestions as to who he could hire:

Trump Tower Meeting With Russian Lawyer