Trump Causes Unexpected Solidarity Among NFL Athletes By Insulting Mothers

Trump wants NFL players who protest to be fired “Get that son of a bitch off the field.”
Trump wants NFL players who protest to be fired “Get that son of a bitch off the field.”

Who you calling a bitch?

I stopped trying to figure out why 45 does and says the things that he does after an alarming amount of folk felt he was qualified and prepared to be our next commander in chief.  It is clear that #45 likes to play to his base. A demographic that can rarely list any policy that Trump has produced to improve their situation but seem to support 45 without question.  And we know 45 likes the adulation and praise.  Maybe that is why he decided to so arrogantly take on the NFL players who peacefully protest by taking a knee during the national anthem and refer to them as “son of a bitch.” Ah, suki suki now! (In my “Living Single” Regine voice.) This was the urban equivalent of “Yo momma.”  

Now to truly understand just how deep 45 stepped in it, you have to understand urban culture.  Growing up in the inner city, there is a classic pass time of playing the dozens where usually two individuals talk about each other and sometimes reference family members, the most sacred is the mother. The goal of this verbal, fisticuff of urban spoken word is to get the best insult on your opponent. You can tell who has been neutralized during the dozens by the crowd’s laughter and finger pointing. There are few rules in this exchange but one is to never insult someone’s mother who is deceased.That is off limits.   

Talking about someone’s mother is complicated.And to the untrained, cultural eye you might catch hands if you do not understand the subtle differences of when these insults can safely be exchanged.  A lively session of the dozens on the bus is one thing.But if there was real beef and an insult about someone’s mother was used with malicious intent; well then the only way to save face was to beat down the culprit. Mothers in general are special but black mothers, especially the ones that sacrifice everything for their sons to get to the NFL are exceptional. 

Mothers of professional athletes have reared some amazing young men. Men like Colin Kaepernick, who bravely started a solitary statement of protest. The movement has since gained momentum. Many have tried to dilute the message that this is somehow about the flag, veterans or the anthem. This new-found patriotism was not even a part of the NFL before 2009 when players stayed in the locker room while the anthem was played.  Check out to see how this new “paid patriotism” came into play by the Department of Defense and other agencies giving millions to NFL teams to stage on-field patriotic ceremonies. Even seasoned sports fans will have to admit that before Kaepernick’s protest, many fans barely acknowledged the anthem, much less stood up. 

Which brings us to the real reason folks are outraged about Kaepernick taking a knee. Kapernick has been historically demonized and blackballed because the system wants to make an example of Kaepernick so that other athletes do not get any big ideas. The message is we own you. You will use this platform for our pleasure and amusement but you will not use it for your own means to call out a system of injustice.   

When 45 calls on the NFL and owners to make an example of NFL players who refuse to stand during the national anthem by stating that, “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he’s fired. He’s fired!’”What most folks in the black community and NFL athletes heard was,“Did he just call my momma a bitch?”

Trump accidently stumbled upon black, athlete, kryptonite. 

Even the NFL white owners realize that when it comes to controlling young, black male athletes, the mother can supersede any contractual promises of fame and fortune. So when you see a reverse reaction of some NFL owners historically neutral or even threatening stance against players protesting, please take this under consideration. For some it is less about true altruism and more about not losing their money makers. 

Before 45’s recent insult,  we had a few folk kneeling, timidly speaking out and meekly protesting. Basically folks were scared of losing their big checks and upsetting their white franchise owners. But by calling out athletes and insulting their mothers and families, 45 just unsuspectingly used a “Get Out” camera flash. Black athletes heard the insult and were finally woke from a slumber of subjugation. Black athletes are finally practicing solidarity as folks have linked arms, kneeled and look defiantly at 45 and share a collective look that says, “You got us fucked up!”

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