Trump Couldn't Even Say 'Merry Christmas' Without Whining About His Border Wall

"It's a disgrace what's happening in our country, but other than that, I wish everybody a very Merry Christmas," the president said.

President Donald Trump is spending his Christmas mostly alone in the White House, and he’s being a real Grinch about it.

“It’s a disgrace what’s happening in our country, but other than that, I wish everybody a very Merry Christmas,” Trump told reporters Tuesday.

He was referring to his lack of funding for a useless border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, which has led to a government shutdown even as Republicans control the White House and both chambers in Congress.

“I can’t tell you when the government is going to be open,” Trump said. “I can tell you it’s not going to be open until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they would like to call it,” he said. “The only one that doesn’t want the wall are the Democrats, because they don’t mind open borders. But open borders mean massive amounts of crime.”

Trump’s comments are just the latest in a long line of holiday cheer this week. On Christmas Eve, Trump tweeted he was alone in the White House as he waited for Democrats to cave and give him his wall.

That same day, he blamed the Federal Reserve for the stock market’s nosedive ― its worst performance on Christmas Eve ever.

The president then rounded out the day by telling a 7-year-old child it was “marginal” for a kid his age to still believe in Santa.

God bless us, every one.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated incorrectly that Republicans control all three branches of government. The judicial branch is nonpartisan.

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