Trump Jeered On Twitter After Resurrecting His Weirdest 2020 Campaign Boast

Who wants some more "person... woman... man... camera... TV"?

Donald Trump has once again boasted of his ability to pass a test meant to detect dementia, resurrecting the famous “person... woman... man... camera... TV” moment of the 2020 campaign.

The former president brought it up on Wednesday when he was with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R):

Then, it came up again later in the day during an interview with Abbott conducted by Fox News host and Trump superfan Sean Hannity:

Last year, Trump bragged that doctors found it “amazing” that he had passed the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), a test that is supposed to be easy, as it is not a measure of intelligence but rather a way to look for signs of cognitive impairment.

It became one of the most memorable memes of the campaign trail, and not in a good way for Trump. So, his critics were puzzled about his decision to keep harping on it almost a year later:

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