Twitter Perplexed As Trump Spouts Off Again About 'Illegal Special Council'

Tweets: Go to bed.

The Twitterverse was transfixed Friday night by the sound of millions of Americans scratching their heads over President Donald Trump’s tweet from Mar-a-Lago, accusing his former FBI director in a convoluted conspiracy theory.

“Really, does everybody know what that means?” the president asked. Based on an avalanche of responses on Twitter, it appeared many people didn’t.

The president claimed former FBI boss James Comey leaked “classified documents” to the press in order to “generate” a “special council,” so the probe was illegal to begin with.

Tweets pointed out — repeatedly — that it’s special “counsel” — not “council.” And that special counsel Robert Mueller was named by the Department of Justice, not Comey, after the president said on national TV that he fired his FBI director because of “this Russian thing.”

But several on Twitter had a pretty good idea about what it all means:

Earlier in the day, Trump blasted “Wendy Wasserman Schultz” in a slam tweet about the Democratic National Committee’s new lawsuit against the Trump campaign. He later changed it to Rep. “Debbie” Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), the former chair of the party. People on Twitter guessed he might have confused her with the late New York playwright Wendy Wasserstein — or with Wendy from Peter Pan because he’s a lost boy.