Trump Confuses Two Female Finnish Journalists During Press Conference

The Finnish president had to explain that they were in fact two different women.

During a Monday press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, President Donald Trump mixed up two blonde, female journalists. 

As Niinistö called on a reporter to ask a question, Trump interjected, seemingly frustrated that this journalist might be allowed to ask a second question. 

“Again? You’re going to give her the same one?” he asked.

Niinistö was left to awkwardly explain that the reporter he had called on was in fact a different woman than the one who had already asked a question. 

“No, she’s not the same lady,” he said to Trump. “They are sitting side by side.” 

The blonde journalist in question then stood up. “We have a lot of blonde women in Finland,” she told the U.S. president. (Watch the full exchange above.)

As Time White House correspondent Zeke Miller tweeted, ”#cantmakeitup.”

Trump has a history of odd and uncomfortable interactions with women reporters.

In March, he called the Washington Post’s global opinions editor, Karen Attiah, “beautiful” after she asked him a question about his divisive rhetoric and approach to racial inclusion. And just two months ago, he paused a call with new Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to comment on an Irish reporter’s “nice smile,” telling Varadkar that the journalist, Caitriona Perry, must “treat [him] well.”



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