Bizarre Right-Wing Trump Conspiracy Whiteboard Stuns Twitters Users

The weird image is taking off in right-wing circles.

A whiteboard image featuring biblical quotes and names connected to former President Donald Trump is making waves in right-wing circles. Yet to many on social media, it looks like a parody of a conspiracy theory.

PatriotTakes, which monitors right-wing extremism, shared an image of the board after it was posted Tuesday on disgraced retired Gen. Michael Flynn’s account on Telegram, a messaging app popular with far-right groups, including white supremacists:

Here’s a closer look:

The original images appear to be from April.

The whiteboard itself seems to belong to right-wing podcaster Clay Clark and shows the ways he and his associates can deliver conspiracy theories about the coronavirus to Trump by highlighting people Clark has spoken to who also have connections to the former president. The podcaster spoke about the board with an associate, off-camera, in this video shared on reddit last April.

But to most, the whiteboard was a sign of something seriously amiss:

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