Trump Says He Is 'Totally' Cleared Following Michael Cohen Sentencing Recommendations

"Totally clears the President," Trump tweeted. (It does not.)

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday after two different sentencing recommendations were announced for his former personal attorney, creating his own interpretation of how the law works.

“Totally clears the President. Thank you!” Trump tweeted. 

The response came hours after federal prosecutors in New York suggested that Michael Cohen receive a “substantial” prison sentence of 42 months after he pleaded guilty to two criminal counts related to paying for the silence of Trump’s alleged mistresses during the presidential campaign. 

A short time later, special counsel Robert Mueller’s office filed its own court documents saying that Cohen lied to investigators to protect Trump regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election. It said the attorney committed a serious crime but had made significant efforts to assist the special counsel’s office, which didn’t recommend a specific sentence but appeared to suggest some leniency would be warranted.

It’s not clear which sentencing recommendation Trump was referring to.

Twitter was quick to react to the president’s tweet, pointing out to him what should be obvious: He is not in the clear.