'Donald Trump' Gets Trevor Noah To Admit The 'Daily Show' Is Fake News

The star of "The President Show" won't let Noah get away with trashing POTUS.

Trevor Noah completely trashed Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office on Monday, so when the “Daily Show” host went after Trump again on Tuesday ― this time targeting his ever-changing plans for a border wall ― the “president” decided to talk to Noah himself.

“I don’t know why Trump and his people don’t just lose the whole wall idea,” Noah said. “Just admit that the whole thing is ridiculous and move on. At the end of 100 days the president should be talking about his legislation not his stupid wall.”

That’s when President Trump, as portrayed by comedy writer Anthony Atamanuik, interrupted the show. POTUS’ arrival elicited both cheers and moans from the crowd, and Trump was as pompous and orange as ever.

Trump confronted Noah for saying “some very not nice things about me,” before hurling his signature insult at the late-night TV host.

“This isn’t just a show,” he said. “This is fake news.”

Noah’s rebuttal was simple: “Yeah, but that’s the point. We’re a comedy show, Mr. President.”

Atamanuik’s appearance as Trump sets the stage for Comedy Central’s upcoming late-night series “The President Show,” which makes its debut Thursday night. The new show gives the “president” a chance to unpack the day’s news headlines and stand up for himself as a late-night host ― while all the other late-night shows tear him down. 

Prepare yourself for Trump’s induction into the world of late night by watching Noah face off with POTUS in the clip above.



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