Trump Tower Was A 'War Room' As Campaign's Damage Control Effort Kicked In

The candidate spent the weekend huddled with advisers after a shocking video was revealed Friday.
Donald Trump waves to supporters outside Trump Tower on Saturday.
Donald Trump waves to supporters outside Trump Tower on Saturday.

ABC News’ Tom Llamas brought “This Week” viewers a little insight Sunday into the weekend mood at Trump Tower, as Donald Trump withstood a day of abandonment from GOP elites while simultaneously preparing for Sunday’s second presidential debate in St. Louis, Missouri.

According to Llamas, sources in Trump’s Manhattan aerie described a “dire feeling from Friday into Saturday,” after a leaked video showed Trump lewdly discussing women.

Close advisers, including former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and current New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, turned Trump tower into a “war room” in response, Llamas reported. “They were supposed to do debate prep, but this was all damage control.”

The video’s emergence apparently rattled Trump, who was of the mind that it wasn’t going to turn into much of a story. According to Llamas, the Trump team was hard at work crafting a “comeback” narrative to accommodate the GOP nominee’s post-debate spin for Sunday when news of Trump’s remarks hit their tipping point.

Llamas went on to report that Trump’s Saturday emergence from his building to greet fans on the street occurred because the reality television mogul needed “a pick-me-up.”

The reporter added that “there is no doubt” that Trump plans to bring up Bill Clinton’s past improprieties in Sunday’s debate.



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