Trump Pans DeSantis At GOP Dinner And His Florida Audience Barely Makes A Peep

The former president touted his success in Florida while taking a swipe at the governor on Friday.

Former President Donald Trump took jabs at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday, but his jokes didn’t hit well with his crowd in the state.

Trump tried his hand at grilling the governor, a potential 2024 Republican presidential primary opponent, as he spoke at Lee County GOP’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner in Fort Myers, Florida.

“We did much better in 2020 in Florida. I got 1.2 million more votes than your successful governor’s campaign, you know that. We got 1.2 million,” said Trump.

The former president, whose campaign email on Friday referred to Florida as “among the worst states” to live in under DeSantis, then broke into an impression of the governor before taking a swipe at him.

“‘Sir, I’d love to have your support, sir. I’d love to have your support. I’m down at about three. I’d love to have your support,’” said Trump, who responded “all right let’s think about it” in a mock interaction with the governor.

“Then there was like a rocket ship after I gave it. Otherwise, right now, you’d have a lawyer someplace looking for business,” Trump continued.

Trump’s audience kept mostly quiet over the remark, including after he added “if that.”

The remark comes as the former president has fared well against DeSantis in recent polls, including one from The Wall Street Journal that found Trump with 48% support and DeSantis with 24% among likely GOP primary voters.

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