Trump Does Not Represent NY Values

In the 1840s political parties and secret societies, such as the Know-Nothings and the Order of the Star-Spangled Banner, sprang up in American cities with members sworn to keep Irish and German immigrants out of America.

Donald Trump is the modern-day incarnation of these dark periods in American history, an irony given his family immigrant history and his upbringing in New York City (Queens, he's your guy).

Trump's rhetoric is enough to make you laugh and be physically revolted: he built initial political momentum by accusing the first African American President of being a foreigner.

He then followed this up during his 2016 presidential run announcement by accusing Mexican immigrants of being rapists that were turning the U.S. into a "dumping ground."

Although Trump is one of the biggest spectacles in the country right now, real New Yorkers know he does not represent what New York is about.

Unlike Donald's politics of fear that appeals to our worst instinct, many New Yorkers see their undocumented neighbors as friends and family contributing to the state as opposed to an invading army of rapists.

Indeed, according to a study by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, undocumented immigrants have payed more than $1.1 Billion just in New York taxes.

The Empire State is the one most synonymous with immigration, with the most famous port of entry, Ellis Island, and the Statute of Liberty.

But just when we had had enough of the Trump circus, we are now seeing GOP primary voters catapulting Donald Trump to the lead in the GOP presidential field.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump is using this momentum to narcissistically run from camera to camera, tarnishing New York's reputation along the way.

One must admit though: he is blunt. Hillary Clinton has unsuccessfully tried to seem relatable by saying that she was broke when leaving the White House. Trump, meanwhile, has done everything to let people know he is rich but emblazon his name in platinum on a golden suit he wears to dive into money pit.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump is not ahead of the polls because of his leadership; he is ahead because he is exploiting Americans' valid concern about the country's outdated immigration system that continues to damage our economy (the delay in passing immigration reform costs us $37 million per day).

And we continue to see families being ripped apart by an arbitrary deportation machine that undermines our national security, keeping millions of people in the shadows.

In the end, it's like stand-up comedy whenever the Donald tries to discuss about foreign policy, immigration or any complex issue for that matter. Who is taking him seriously? I highly doubt anyone is.

Unfortunately, it's hard to tell how long Donald can keep this up for, especially as his uninformed and flamboyant rhetoric strays off course on camera and receives more scrutiny and pressure. Until then, he's embarrassing New York all the way.