Artist Turns Random Dog Poops Into Donald Trump Art Installation

He has designs on making 'Trump' a new word for dookies.
Florida artist Allan Adler is putting Trump photos around the dop poop in his Miami Beach neighborhood.
Florida artist Allan Adler is putting Trump photos around the dop poop in his Miami Beach neighborhood.
Allan Adler

A graphic designer in Miami Beach has designs on turning Donald Trump’s last name into a new euphemism for “poop.”

The way he’s doing it will strike many as crappy: He’s putting Trump’s face and, occasionally, his quotes on pieces of dog poop he sees around his South Beach neighborhood.

Every day, the artist, who goes by the name “Allan Adler” to avoid detection, walks around looking for pieces of dog crap suitable for his purposes.

“I don’t want it too old,” he told The Huffington Post.

Once he finds a piece of poop that fits his purposes, Adler sticks a toothpick with Trump’s face glued to it into the doggy defecation. Sometimes, he adds one of Trump’s infamous quotes, “such as ‘grab her by the pussy’ or ‘I like soldiers who weren’t captured.’”

Then he photographs the Trumped-up dog poop and posts it on Facebook at “Pieces Of Trump.”

The end result not only is a commentary on people who don’t bother to clean up after their pets, but also a subtle suggestion on what kind of president Adler believes Trump will be.

Spoiler alert: Adler doesn’t think he’ll be a good one.

“He’s a piece of shit,” Adler explained. “When Trump won, I was depressed, but my friends said, ‘Don’t be. Now is the time to get your voice heard.’”

And his way of doing that is through dog poop.

“He’s said a lot of crappy things and I still can’t understand how someone who’s said things like this could get elected,” Adler said.

Adler first started doodoo-ing his poop protests November 15. He has averaged one a day since then.

The “installations,” as he calls them, are easy since “there is literally dog poop everywhere here ― it’s a big problem here.”

Still, Adler is seeing benefits from the project.

“It’s been therapeutic for me,” he said. “I can laugh about the situation and I’m not super depressed. It’s hilarious because you know everyone who is picking one up is a Trump supporter.”

There have been some embarrassing moments too.

“I haven’t been caught put his face on the poop, but I’ve been caught taking photos of them and I get weird looks,” Adler laughed.

Adler has two big goals for his lowbrow protest.

First, he’d like to make Trump’s last name into an alternative for defecation, such as “That’s a bunch of Trump” or “I almost stepped in that Trump.”

Second, he hopes to join “SNL” and the “Hamilton” cast as the subject of Trump twitter storm.

“I am worried about hate mail, but it would be funny if Trump commented on it,” Adler said. “It’s possible he could get unhinged about it.”

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