Trump's Political Endorsements Are A Repetitive Copy-And-Paste Fever Dream

The president's endorsements are indistinguishable from one another.

President Donald Trump endorsed Rep. Paul Cook (R-Calif.) on Tuesday.

And as with almost every other political endorsement he’s ever made on Twitter, he repeated ― almost word for word ― the same exact phrases: “[Candidate] loves our Military and Vets. He is Strong on Crime, the Border, and supported Tax Cuts. [Candidate] has my complete and total endorsement!” (Trump’s style and capitalization are nonstandard, of course. He also sometimes swaps out “tax cuts” for “2nd Amendment support.”)

For comparison’s sake, here are a couple of other Trump Twitter endorsements:

Spot the pattern yet?

No? Here are a few more, this time featuring the phrase “extraordinary woman”:

Perhaps Trump is a sort of modern-day Sisyphus: Instead of endlessly rolling a boulder up a hill, he’s condemned to typing and retyping the same endorsements over again.

And again and again and again: 

And again and again and again and again and again:

Sure, as far as Trump’s Twitter activity is concerned, his weirdly repetitive endorsements are pretty harmless.

And, to his credit, he does occasionally put in slightly more effort, recording robocalls for candidates and letting Republican prospects appear at his almost-weekly rallies. But for a man who loves to diss rivals for being “low energy,” it’s kind of “sad”!

Congratulations on the ringing endorsement, Rep. Cook! Surely the president means every word.