Trump's 'Endorsement' Of Jesse Watters' New Book Is Hilariously Low-Effort

Copy. Paste.

Former President Donald Trump released a statement endorsing a new book by Fox News host Jesse Watters — but apparently wasn’t inspired to write an original one.

In fact, the emailed statement on Trump’s letterhead is largely identical to the official promotional copy describing the book.

The only parts of Trump’s statement that aren’t directly lifted from the book’s details page are: “Great new book out by Jesse Watters, ‘How I Saved the World,’” at the start, and “Get your copy today, congratulations Jesse!” at the end.

In between those quotes is this distinctly non-Trumpian language: “Interspersed are his thoughtful suggestions for overcoming left-wing radicalism, maintaining American democracy, moving beyond aging hippies (like his long-suffering, loving parents), saving the world from social justice warriors and the deep state—all while smirking his way through life in only the nicest way.”

Trump’s statement did nothing to indicate it was quoting from the book’s promotional copy, which appears on Amazon and other booksellers’ websites.

Watters, a vocal Trump supporter, was trending after the endorsement, although perhaps not for the reasons he would’ve hoped. Washington Post politics reporter Dave Weigel suggested that next time, Watters should avoid “un-Trumpy” language like “interspersed” in his book descriptions.

“Future solution: Publishers of pro-Trump books need to copy his syntax in their ad copy,” Weigel tweeted.

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