Trump Thanks Himself For Stock Market Rally, Tags Fake Russian Twitter Account

Here we go again.

President Donald Trump thanked himself Saturday in a tweet in the wake of a stock market rally — then tagged a fake Russian Twitter account.

“Stock Market is on track to have the best June in over 50 years! Thank you Mr. President!” Trump tweeted, adding the tag: @WallStreetJour.

That might look like the Twitter link for The Wall Street Journal — but the real one for the newspaper is @WSJ. The one Trump tagged is a Russian account (with tweets in Russian) made to appear to be the American newspaper. It’s also apparently defunct. It issued the last of its 66 tweets in 2013, Bloomberg reported.

A screengrab of the original post.
A screengrab of the original post.

Trump’s tweet was later modified to include the actual link to the Journal.

Twitter critics had a few things to say about Trump patting himself on the back — and the Russian goof-up.

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