'Trump Filter' Erases The Donald From Your Chrome Browser

Make your Internet searches great again.

It's like building a giant wall to keep The Donald out!

Trump Filter, developed by Rob Spectre, is a new Google Chrome extension that claims it's an "antidote" for Donald Trump's "toxic candidacy."

Its three filter settings -- mild, aggressive and vindictive -- go from wiping a page clean of text and photos to blocking entire news sites.

Spectre told CNN Wednesday that he developed the extension because "I hope folks will take this opportunity to learn more about the wide field of candidates out there."

Trump Filter is automatically set to "mild" when downloaded. On The Huffington Post, it turns this:

The Huffington Post

Into this:

The Huffington Post

The Trump Organization website, stunning in its design, goes from this:

Trump Organization

To this:

The Huffington Post

We'll admit, we would have liked this extension a lot better if it changed any reference to Donald Trump's name to another name, like, I don't know, Spray Tan or Hair Piece.

After all, people have figured out how to replace the phrase "political correctness" with "treating people with respect." The results are hilarious.

In any case, Spectre said he's sure there's an audience out there that just doesn't want to see Trump's likeness.

"People are looking to turn him off," he told CNN.

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