Trump Fired Foreign Workers From Jobs He Could Have Fired Americans From

Donald Trump routinely prefers firing foreign workers from jobs when he could have fired Americans from the same jobs, according to a new study by the University of Chowchilla.

"This calls into question Trump's commitment to his own 'America First' policy," said rival candidate Ted Cruz. "Its a tragedy that in this greatest country on Earth, foreign workers are losing jobs that Americans could lose."

Johnny Angelo, former personnel director at the now shuttered Trump Taco Town in Teaneck NJ, confirms the unwritten rule. "Americans have come to believe its an honor to be fired by Donald Trump. On TV, it looks great to be fired by Trump, but in practice, its an honor Trump sadly reserves for foreigners, not for Americans."

Hector Lopez, sous-chef for tacos at Trump Taco Town, confirmed he was fired even though an American was available to have been fired. "It was great. Senior Trump called me into his office by the deep fryer, and he asked me to hand over my Taco Town Taco Hat, and he said those glorious words, 'You're fired.' I've never been so happy in my entire life."

Hop Wing, immigrant fortune cookie baker at Trump Lucky Garden #5 in Poughkeepsie, NY, suffered the same fate. "We had two fortune cookie bakers, and Mr. Trump fired me instead of the American," said Wing. "But I think I was fired on merit, not because I am from Mexico."

Marco Rubio also called out Trump, saying, "This wrongheaded preference for firing foreigners over Americans is bad for America and bad for American workers. When I'm President, I promise that if anybody is fired, it'll be an American."